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Truckin’ Movers COVID19 Coronavirus Policy For Customers

Truckin’ Movers will continue to offer local, in-state, state-to-state and international moving services as well as storage services at our Durham NC headquarters.  As a FEMA declared essential business, we have offered services through hurricanes, blizzards and tornado outbreaks since 1976. Safety and welfare of our employees, our customers and the general public has always been our #1 priority. This has historically meant proper moving and lifting practices, safe vehicles and driving. Coronavirus has caused us to add additional precautions to how we do business. 

What We Ask Of You:

  • Please limit the number of people you have on hand to a maximum of two in the house at any given time on move day.  If you have children, please keep them occupied in 1 room. 
  • If you or anyone within your household may have contracted Coronavirus, or are isolating due to exposure to the virus please call us asap. We will work with you on precautions or rescheduling as needed.
  • Please remain 6’ distance from our team and follow all health guidelines at all times during your move.

Added and Amended Policies and Procedures to Fight COVID-19

Here are our new moving processes to minimize any chance that moving from one home to another might spread this virus. 

Delayed Scheduling of Long Distance Moves based on Geography: We are avoiding sending our teams to areas like NYC metro, Detroit Metro, and New Orleans Metro along with other areas until the pandemic has peaked in those areas. 

Move Estimates by Facetime, Skype or Zoom: We have always preferred to conduct our move surveys in person because it minimizes the chance of something being missed. However, we are now conducting move quotes by phone or video to eliminate the chance of spreading the virus at this stage. 

Fever-Free Movers: While not all coronavirus cases show symptoms, we know most infected people have coughs and fevers.  For that reason we take the temperature of our movers eah morning during dispatch. Anyone who has a fever goes home, and receives sick pay. Please return the consideration and take your temperature , along with that of anyone else we might encounter that day. If anyone in your residence has a temperature, and we need to reschedule your move, we will waive the short notice rescheduling fee.

Always Clean Hands: We will set up a hand sanitizing station outside the moving truck and use it when we arrive and throughout the day.  If you wish to provide soap and water, we will use that too

Masked Interactions: We will wear our masks when we do the initial walk-through, the final walk-through and anytime we are communicating in close proximity to you. We will not be using masks during the move, as they have proven to become sweaty, distracting and possibly even reposition, covering eyes/vision while someone hands are full. 

Social Distanced Moves (You don’t even have to be there on move day):  The safest way to avoid this virus is to physically isolate ourselves from each other. For that reason, we have created an entire local move process enabling us to move everything to a specified position in your new house without you even being there that day.

1-Before moving day we supply you with our “Social Distance Move Kit,” our  proprietary labeling and organization process. You will label every piece of furniture, box and as many personal items as you want.

2- Then label the new house according to our instructions. You can remain in one area of each home as we move, or leave the property entirely if you wish.

3- We can perform the final walk-through via video conferencing to make sure everything is where it needs to be. Please be aware that you should always do a final walk-through of your old home after the move is complete. While we do everything to avoid it, we cannot be responsible for anything left behind that was not on the original survey - though we will perform a thorough inspection of the location before we leave.

By following these steps, you can practically eliminate your chances of getting Coronavirus during your new move down. Let’s all stay safe!

COVID-19 Employee Policy:  Our coronavirus policy is in place to ensure our office and staff stay safe, but you also benefit from it.  You can see it here.