Human Health Requires Health Soil

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Science has confirmed human health requires healthy soil!

  • Micro nutrients that are created in soil are essential for human health. Plants absorb these and deliver them to humans. Science confirms these are created in soil where earth worms, bacteria, fungi and other micro critters interact in wonderful ways to create enzymes. These enzymes are needed to build healthy plants and healthy human bodies. When they are not in the soil they can't be in the plants, or in us. Plants and humans suffer without them.
  • Ronald Reagan once said, "status quo is Latin for the mess we are in."
  • At our little planet we could talk about the mess. For example rates of illness are alarming. In 1960 4% of the US population had a chronic illness. Today 46% of our children under the age of twelve have at least one chronic illness. In 1975 the rate of Autism was one in five thousand, today it is one in thirty six. Yikes! We are in the midst of a health crisis.
  • But lets talk about the good news. Mother Nature heals like a banshee. When we stop harming the soil by applying tons and tons of chemicals (like roundup) it heals quickly. In 1-2 years the worms are back and so is the soil micro biology. Science shows how with chemical farming all the micro biology disappears. Roundup kills all plants except GMO seeds, and it also kills the micro biology. The health crisis starts with our depleted soil, and the good news is, it can be fixed quickly.
  • Mother nature's incredible healing power - 1.5 million acres have transitioned from chemical farming to regenerative agriculture and within two years the soil recovers dramatically, and crop yields actually increase. These farmers are making more money when they stop trying to control nature with harmful sprays.