Separation and Divorce Moving and Storage Solutions for NC Families

Going through a separation or divorce is a stressful process for everyone involved. One source of stress is the equitable distribution of marital property.  Over the past 35 years, Truckin Movers has developed logistical solutions for folks who find themselves in this situation.


Hybrid Moving & Storage:  When you are moving out of a large home into a temporary or smaller home, there is often the need to either sell or store some of your possessions. Truckin Movers can the moved any storage needs at the same time. We bring warehouse containers to your home for the storage items, and we often handle the local move on the same day. We offer full packing services. Items for storage are inventoried, wrapped and loaded in your presence.  The containers are sealed up on-site and returned to our climate controlled warehouse where they are carefully moved into storage by forklift. When you are ready to have them delivered we reverse the process, place the containers on a truck and open them for the first time at your new home.

Split Destination Moves:  We have a specific process for packing and moving from one residence to two or more destinations. We are worldwide movers, so if one or both of you are moving out-of-state, we have a specific process for that, too, and all of our estimates and moving planning services are provided at no charge. Free estimates, and free move planning!

Staged Moving:  Often realtors will advise you to reduce the amount of items in your home to make a better impression on potential buyers. Our storage services is perfect way to handle those items. Or, you may need to move before your house sells, and you may want to leave some items behind to help the house look warm and lived in. We can include a final move of those items in your estimate and move plan.

Divorce is tough time. With Truckin’ Movers on your side there is no need to stress about moving or storage, and we offer worldwide service. Truckin’ is truly your one stop moving shop.


Worldwide Planned Separation and Divorce Moving and Storage Solutions

If you are interested in any of our Divorce Moving Solutions and live outside of our area, we can still help you.  We have a network of moving partners that we have worked with since 1976 and they have earned our trust.  Give us a call at 919 682-2300 or contact us  to see how we can help.