North Carolina Household Moves with No Worries

We know North Carolina, we know our customers, and we recognize that you expect the highest quality standards.  Since 1976, Truckin' Movers has provided top quality in-state household moves at affordable prices.  

The North Carolina Utilities Commission regulates North Carolina Long Distance (NCLD) moves. A move is considered an NCLD move when the origin address and destination address are both within North Carolina and are more than thirty-five (35) miles apart. NCLD moves must be charged based on shipment weight and distance traveled. We offer several types of NCLD moving options to best suit your needs.  We’ll provide you with a free on site consultation, a written estimate, guaranteed delivery dates, and a detailed inventory and contract.

With Truckin’ Movers, your North Carolina household also moves green! Long a green relocation company, Truckin’ Movers features a solar powered Durham, NC headquarters, a unique Express Shipping system that optimizes shipping energy, and a state-of-the-art storage warehouse whose green design provides excellent off grid “climate-controlled” storage year-round.