Experienced Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill National Movers

For our customers moving east of the Mississippi River, we provide Coordinated Interstate Moves.  This means that your belongings are moved in a Truckin' Movers truck, by a Truckin' Movers crew. A unique, damage-free bonus system incentivizes great customer care. Our movers earn a 10% bonus whenever a move is 100% damage-free from load to unload in our moving trucks. They earn another 10% based on overall customer satisfaction as determined by a post-move Goodwill Survey.

We believe that a well-trained and well cared for work force will produce high-quality moves. Competency is born of education and experience, and our ten-class training program provides our move team members with a well-rounded and thorough skill set, including modules on packing household goods, basic moving techniques and proper body mechanics, and trucking industry skills such as driving, paperwork and compliance.

Every coordinated interstate move is led by a team member who is further trained to optimize the efficiency of a variety of move situations and to provide top-notch customer care.

The United States Department of Transportation (USDOT) regulates interstate moves. However, the USDOT does not set limits or rules on rates movers can charge. For coordinated interstate moves, we charge based on the weight of the shipment and the distance traveled.

Guaranteed Move Dates within the Continental United States

For household moves within the continental United States, we offer guaranteed move dates. This is very different than most other move companies who typically offer move spreads, or a range of dates during which they may deliver your household goods. We believe that our clients’ time is valuable and that you deserve to know exactly when your belongings will arrive.