TM Earth: How to Reduce Waste

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Americans generate an average of 230 million tons of waste per year, including commercial garbage, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. That’s 4.4 lbs. of trash per person per day. There are easy steps we can take to cut that number down.There are easy steps we can take to cut that number down.  Here are some great ideas:

1- Conduct a trash/recycle audit. Identify what is generating your personal trash by tracking your trash disposal for period of time. offers tips to plan and conduct your own waste audit.

2- Don't buy beverages in single-service bottles or cans. 

3-Don't buy bottled water. Invest in a water bottle with a filter.

4-Never use disposable plastic shopping bags. The average American takes home 1500 plastic bags a year. Invest in reusable bags.

5- Buy bulk sizes. Individually packaged items or smaller sizes produces much more waste.

6- Stop junk mail. Take time to opt out of mail lists. Here is a guide from the FTC on how to stop junk mail.

7- Don't buy anything disposable. Invest in quality products that will last.