7 Ways To Reduce Garbage

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7 Easy Ways to Reduce Garbage

7 Easy Ways to Reduce Garbage

According to the EPA, including commercial garbage, Americans generate an average of 230 million tons per tons per year-- 4.4 pounds of trash per person per day. There are easy steps we can take to cut that number down.  Here are some great ideas:


1- Conduct a trash/recycle audit. Identify what is generating your personal trash by tracking your trash disposal for period of time. Earth911.com offers tips to plan and conduct your own waste audit.

2- Don't buy beverages in single services bottles or cans. 

3-Don't buy bottled water.  Invest in a water bottle with a filter.

4-Never use disposable plastic shopping bags. The average American takes home 1500 plastic bags a year. Invest in reusable bags.

5- Buy bulk sizes.  Individually packaged items or smaller sizes produces much more waste.

6- Stop junk mail. Take time to opt out of mail lists. Click here to add your name and address to the National Do Not Mail List.

7- Don't buy anything disposable. Invest in quality products that will last.