Short-term and Long-term Storage Services

Truckin' Movers offers short-term storage, also called storage in transit (SIT), for when the storage period is six months or less; and long-term storage for a storage period of longer than six months. Our green-designed storage warehouse doesn’t rely on external power for heating or cooling, yet maintains the perfect environment for storing your valuables and antiques. 

A variety of storage options are available to suit any need. Warehouse containers come in two sizes: (1) Medium 5’ x 7’ x 7.5’ and; (2)Large 5’ x 8’ x 8.5’. Mini Storage Units are available on our premises for our storage solution customers who need less space and more frequent access to their stored items. We also offer a POD-like service, featuring outdoor containers that may be stored at your location or brought back to our warehouse for storage. Large Shipments Storage is also available in semi-trailers or 20-feet steel ground-level containers.

In addition to the several storage options in our containers or warehouse, you may also engage our movers to move goods to or from your own storage location, perhaps a mini-storage unit you have rented, or an out building like a garage or barn.


Containerized Moving Experts

We are containerized moving experts, pioneering the field in the 1980s. Our proprietary, lightweight, environmentally-friendly, disposable wooden crate containers can be easily transported by forklift from move truck to storage warehouse and back. Our trucks can carry three of our storage units at one time to your home or business. These storage units are designed for easy use, and are opened by removing a side or end panel to offer plenty of clearance to load your contents. The storage units stay on the truck while they are loaded or unloaded, reducing the risk of content shifting while loading for re-transit.

All of our storage solutions trucks have curbside door and rear door access. Our professional movers use a walk board, and move all items by hand on and off the truck to ensure utmost care is taken with your belongings. Our trucks can get close to most locations to make loading simple, and because the containers stay inside the truck, your belongings are safe in any weather.


Storage Rates

Storage charges begin on the day items arrive at the warehouse and end on the day they leave the warehouse. For local storage there is a monthly charge based on container size. Storage charges are pro-rated for the first and last month of storage. The rates are: Large for $70.00/month and Medium for $50.00/month.

Interstate storage has a daily rate based on container size. The rates are: Large for $3.00/day, Medium for $2.50/day and Small for $2.00/day. Warehouse handling is $20.00/container. It is charged each time a loaded container is moved in or out of the warehouse.